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Orchard Park High School

Celebrating Pride month

Equality Club ran a bake sale today.

Today, Equality Club ran their Rainbow Bake Sale to mark Pride month. Thank you to all the children and staff who donated cakes, whether purchased or homemade. On Wednesday, Year 7 competed in the Croydon Athletics competition, with Ms Goodwin and Ms Hansford. They report our students were the most supportive when cheering each other on, and by far one of the best behaved schools there.

Students achieved the following successes:

  • Gabby - 1st place hurdles
  • Keyanna - 2nd place long jump 
  • Emeka - 2nd place 100m
  • Shamgar - 1st place 200m 
  • Girls’ Relay - 3rd place 

Year 11 completed their time at secondary school today. A huge milestone for them, and for us. On Thursday Ms Walsh, with the support of Alicia and Abi, delivered their last assembly. She provided gifts, balloons and photo opportunities. Her final speech to the group gave thanks to all of them, the quiet ones and the louder ones, because together they made a brilliant year group. The students gave cards and presents to teachers and shook their hands to thank them for excellent teaching. As they left the site today, they were applauded by a guard of honour made up of their teachers, the admin team, staff from Greenshaw Learning Trust, younger year groups, the catering team and the site team. It was wonderful to see the community wishing them well in the next steps of their journey. We will see you all on GCSE results day.

As one Year 11 group leaves, the other begins. The current Year 10 will become our Year 11s on Monday, meaning changes to their timetable, enhanced study provision at lunchtime and after school, and a longer school day. This has been communicated in a letter from Mr Latouche. All families of Year 10 students should attend our information evening on Thursday 22nd June at 4.00pm so that they know what Year 11 will look like for their child. 

Ms C Moran, Headteacher