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Orchard Park High School

Excellence Pathway

The choices an individual makes determine their future, and the purpose of developing good character is so that we can make good choices. Having a good character allows us to flourish as individuals and as a wider society. This is why the development of character, as well as academic attainment, is at the forefront of our work here at school.

At Orchard Park, we strongly champion character development through our school values, school systems and broad curriculum. At Orchard Park, success is not just measured by academic achievement, but by the character of an individual. Our aim is to make every child in our care the very best version of themselves by nurturing their interests and talents, developing their moral compass and supporting them to be virtuous, ambitious and driven so that they achieve excellence and flourish throughout their lives.

Students at Orchard Park will experience a rich tapestry of opportunities both within our broad curriculum offer and through our extensive extra-curricular provision that will shape their life choices, develop their sense of pride, ambition and confidence and prepare them for their next steps in life.

Orchard Park’s pathway of excellence offers regular and specific developmental experiences to raise the aspirations of our students, especially those that are disadvantaged or high attaining. Students engage in a series of activities offering them opportunities to be creative, be aspirational for themselves and develop a love of learning beyond the classroom.

15 students are recruited from each year group, through the process of submitting a written application. These students then have a range of activities and experiences to complete through the year. This road map outlines the opportunities that these students will be offered – covering music, art, sport, literature, careers and a wide range of visits and guest speakers.

"Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.” – Martin Luther King, Jr