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Orchard Park High School

The Big Quiz

Testing students' knowledge with the Big Quiz.

The Big Quiz

You will know that our pupils complete self quizzing every evening in order to embed core content for each of their subjects. In the week commencing the 28th November, we are holding a Big Quiz in which pupils in Years 7 to 10 will test their knowledge on everything they have learnt this term. Please test your child on any questions from their Knowledge Organiser to help them prepare for it. They have a bank of questions that can be used – any order, any subject. I am sure their knowledge will impress you.

Relationships workshop

Year 9 and year 10 have both received sex and relationships workshops from Croydon NHS this week. The sessions were excellent and the feedback from the facilitators was very complimentary, stating that our pupils were ‘the most inquisitive and brilliantly behaved’.

Anti-bullying assemblies

Thank you to the Heads of Year who have led important assemblies on anti-bullying. The impact of unkind words (or worse) is detrimental to any child’s wellbeing. Ruby, Hamila and Amber were appointed as our first Year 7 community prefects for their commitment to the anti bullying campaign.

Please discuss this topic with your child so that they are very clear on how to report it should they be a victim, or witness it, and to emphasise our messages of respect and care for everyone in our community. The link below provides advice for families on how to support your child’s use of Whatsapp. The expectation of kindness, and the impact of spiteful behaviour apply online as much as they do in person. Thank you for your support.

Celebrating achievements

I would like to end by giving a ‘shout out’ to specific pupils. Firstly, Albert (7), for being conversational, thoughtful and mature. To Jahmal (7) for using sophisticated vocabulary in his English work. Tijah (7) for her superb presentation in maths. Also, in Year 9, Spencer Good, Ahmed Jalloh, Breaze Ford, Rashid Kanu and Georgia Maisey have worked very hard in Spanish And a huge thank you to Ami, Rosie-May, Serena and Khadija who held a bake sale for Children in Need: your charitable nature is wonderful.

Have a lovely weekend.

Ms C Moran, Headteacher

(Photo by Simone Secci on Unsplash)