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Orchard Park High School

World Book Week

Listen to our Book Review Podcast...

World Book Week has seen a Book Review Podcast (available below) from Samantha, Tina, Sai, Charis, and Niamh, which we hope will be the first of many. Tina in Year 8 was the winner of our Bookmark Artistry competition. Thank you to Mr Douglas for providing such a range of activities.

This week students and staff have proudly worn purple ribbons and made pledges of equity in the name of International Womens’ Day. They were shocked to learn about the disadvantages women across the world still face, from reduced earnings to harsh and unnecessary critiques of their appearance at the expense of recognising phenomenal achievements. Fortunately, working with young people means we are always uplifted by their determination to make society a better place for everyone: the future is bright.

On Wednesday afternoon, a range of students watched a performance of ‘The Tempest’ at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. They were superbly behaved. Thank you to Ms Ongley and Ms Ruby who returned full of pride for our pupils. Such events and activities require a lot of planning, so we are always grateful to our staff for the time they put into enriching opportunities.

Despite the snow, attendance was very good on Wednesday. Absence undoubtedly hinders learning so it is encouraging to see families supporting us in our mission to ensure every student is in school every day.

Our PTA (Friends of Orchard Park High School) is holding a quiz night for parents/carers and staff on the evening of Friday 24th March from 7.00pm to 9.30pm. Team tables can be booked on this email address: It promises to be great fun and raise money to make further provisions for our pupils.

There are two days of industrial action planned for 15th and 16th March. I am working with my staff to establish which students can be invited into school on these days. I will update you on Monday. Thank you for your patience.

Ms Carly Moran, Headteacher

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(Graphic by Freepik.)