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Orchard Park High School

Year 11 show drive and excellence

Our Year 11 students finished their PPEs.

Well done to Year 11 students, who have finished their PPEs this week. Their conduct and hard work has been exemplary. They are now receiving their marks and feedback from their teachers. There is just a short time left until the external exams. As such we want every student in the cohort to make the most of Working Lunch and Champions’ Hour, alongside showing drive and excellence in every lesson.

I enjoyed visiting the Chess and Rubik Cube club which was more competitive than I expected it to be! Warhammer Club will be starting after Easter thanks to the endeavours of Rupert (Year 8). He has been keen to roll this out at Orchard Park and deserves credit for his determination to get it off the ground. Congratulations to our maths department and all our wonderful students for pushing us to be the top performing school in Greenshaw Learning Trust for Sparx completion (and it is not the first time).

On Friday a number of students participated in leadership training provided by the Diverse Leaders Network. Falisha, Soriyah, Alfie C, Niamh, Aghibou, Elijah, Maisie, Mahmood, Jayden G and Divinelyn were identified by staff as fantastic young people with the potential to lead others. The programme will continue across the summer term so we look forward to seeing how it develops.

Ramadan begins on Thursday. We can provide space for praying and food vouchers for those on Free School Meals who are fasting and therefore not taking a lunch. Mr Mathys will write to you regarding the arrangements for this.

Year 8 Parents’ Evening takes place on Thursday 23rd March at 4pm. This is onsite and some parking is available. It is a very important event where we discuss the successes and next steps for your child. We look forward to seeing you.

If you will be marking it, have a lovely mothers’ day!

Ms C Moran, Headteacher