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Orchard Park High School

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Year 10 re-opening info

Mobile Phones, Headphones, Electronic Devices and Gadgets - Polite reminder of school policy

Mobile phones and headphones etc. must not be used, seen or heard when students are on the school site, which is deemed the front gate on Orchard Way. Mobile phones, headphones, electronic devices or gadgets will be confiscated if they are used or seen in any part of the school site. They will be retained until a parent comes to collect them from school. If a student has his/her confiscated twice in the term, it will be confiscated until the end of the term and a parent/carer will need to collect.

Attendance Absence of Leave Notice: A reminder to all parents/carers that the school will not authorise any absence of leave requests for holidays or visits during term time, students are required to be in school every day. All absences in the final and beginning weeks of term may require medical evidence and could be referred to the Educational Welfare Officer for a penalty notice. We thank you for your support in maintaining your child’s positive attendance.

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  • 09/03/20

    School Reopening Update

    Dear Parents/Carers – a polite reminder that school is not opening to Y10 students on the 8th. The earliest start date is now 15th for orientation. More details to follow.  Thank you
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  • 05/03/20

    Coronavirus information

    Coronavirus – Advice for all early years providers, schools and further education providers The government is closely monitoring the spread of the Coronavirus and is taking action at home and abroad. The overall risk of Coronavirus to the UK remains moderate. However...
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  • 26/05/20

    fun friday
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  • 23/04/20

    Fun Friday

    Thank you and Well Done to the students who have already sent an NHS thank you poster as part of our Fun Friday Challenge! A reminder: Every Friday, a new challenge will be shared with you on the school twitter account and here on Google Classroom! Simply, complete the challenge and send your...
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  • 17/04/20

    Changes To Lessons Post Easter

    We have improved how we will be using Google Classroom after Easter.  Please click below for further details. Thank you
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  • 03/04/20

    Free School Meals Queries

    For queries on free school meals please email
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  • 19/03/20

    Exam Results 2020

    19th March 2020   Dear Parents/Carers of Y11 Students,   I am sure you will have seen in the news that the exams have been postponed/cancelled for the summer season.  It is, as yet, unclear how the Department for Education will fulfil their promise that children...
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  • 16/03/20

    Google Classroom COVID19

    Google Classroom COVID19 Update 
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  • 05/12/19

    Year 7 Academic Review Day 12/12/19

    Year 7 academic review day is on Thursday 12th December. Parents can book their appointments on the parents evening website.
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