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Orchard Park High School


Many congratulations go to our amazing year 11 students who have achieved outstanding results for their GCSEs.

I am delighted to announce that this cohort of students have made exceptional progress. These results reflect the hard work and effort of all students, teachers and supportive parents. This is our third year of improved outcomes which demonstrates the school is going from strength to strength and is one of the most successful schools in Croydon. This year our Progress 8 score has improved by another .16 to achieve its best ever P8 score of +0.2. This means students have made fantastic progress from their starting point in year 7 as a results of the strong teaching and supportive learning environment here at OPHS. Staff and students work with great belief that anything and everything is possible and this positive attitude allows students to flourish and grow.

Our top performing students are:

  • Emma Clough – eight 9s, one 7 and one A*
  • Lily Howard – six 9s, one, 6 and one 7
  • Sam Warren – three 9s, two 8s, three 7s and one B
  • Hannah Spiking – two 9s, three 8s and three 7s
  • Hanna Davies – three 9s, one 7 and four 6s
  • Batcha Shahul Hameed – three 8s, four 7s, one 6
    and one B
  • Anjika Daby – three 9s, two 8s, four 7s and one 6

Whilst these are only a few of the outstanding students’ achievements, many have exceeded their target grades and broken lots of school records.

Subjects which have attained especially well include:

  • Chemistry – 100%
  • Biology – 100%
  • Physics – 100%
  • Business and Enterprise – 100%
  • PE – 100%
  • Performing Arts – 100%
  • Italian – 100%
  • Finance – 100%
  • RE – 88%
  • Spanish 84%
  • Music 83%
  • English 75%
  • Maths – 65%
  • History 70%

Mrs Warnock said, these results reflect how far the school has come and the great progress our students continue to make year on year. It is really satisfying to know that our students are well equipped to progress into post 16 education with amazing qualifications and the confidence and resilience to maintain this level of success. Our learners have been well supported by a team of talented teachers who go above and beyond for all our students. These results are a testament to their dedication and commitment not only to our students but the school and the Trust as a whole – a great team effort! We wish all our students the very best as they move onto the next chapter in their lives. We are very proud of you all and we know you will accomplish great things. Thank you for being great ambassadors for the school.”