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Orchard Park High School

Orchard Park is recognised for exceptional education in latest Ofsted inspection

Orchard Park High School maintains its overall judgement of good following an ungraded inspection in January.

We are delighted to announce that Orchard Park High School maintains its overall judgement of good following an ungraded (section 8) inspection, with compelling evidence suggesting that the inspection grade might be outstanding if a graded (section 5) inspection were to take place.

The inspection revealed an outstanding level of education provided by the school, affirming its reputation as a beacon of learning within the community. Led by Headteacher Carly Moran, Orchard Park High School continues to demonstrate its commitment to excellence within the educational landscape.

Inspectors made the following key points in their report:

Students benefit from an exceptional educational experience characterised by high expectations and a nurturing environment. Leaders maintain a strong focus on character development, fostering polite, articulate, and motivated learners. The school's character programme equips students with vital life skills, ensuring they excel academically and personally.

The school has a robust sense of community and fosters a safe and orderly environment conducive to learning. Staff members are deeply familiar with each student, providing extensive pastoral support. 

A diverse range of extracurricular opportunities is on offer including character clubs, sports, music groups, and educational outings. These experiences enrich students' learning and contribute to their personal growth.

The ambitious curriculum ensures effective knowledge and skill development for all students. Teachers demonstrate strong subject knowledge and employ varied teaching methods to engage learners effectively. The school's emphasis on literacy is evident through bespoke support for struggling readers and a culture that promotes a love of reading.

Leadership is committed to high standards and continuous improvement. Leaders have robust systems in place to ensure consistently strong practice amongst staff and are conscious of the pressures of workload. The governing body plays a vital role in supporting the school's priorities and ensuring effective governance.

Robust safeguarding measures ensure the safety and well-being of all students, contributing to a positive school culture.

As Orchard Park High School continues its journey of excellence, leaders remain dedicated to enhancing the educational experience for all students. The forthcoming graded inspection presents an opportunity to showcase the school's outstanding achievements and aspirations for the future.

Will Smith, CEO of Greenshaw Learning Trust, said: “Orchard Park High School's commitment to excellence is evident in the outstanding education provision for its students. We are proud of the school's achievements.”

Carly Moran, Headteacher of Orchard Park High School, said: “I am extremely proud of our community. The staff and students show excellence and drive every single day and they live out our value of integrity by doing what is right, not what is easy. The warmth, kindness and respect amongst us make it a very special place. We are grateful to our parents and GLT for their ongoing support and look forward to the next stage of our ambitious journey."

Click below to view our latest Ofsted report - January 2024